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You’re a Solo Practitioner or you work in a Small Firm
You’re used to giving clients personal attention and you attract clients and cases that larger firms could never secure. In this economy, you appreciate a pool of quality cases to choose from when you’re looking to supplement your work. By the same token, you have clients that value you as a resource, and that approach you with cases outside of your practice areas or when you simply don’t have the time to help. Use LawRex to find freelance help when you need it or co-counsel if you want it. LawRex gives you an inexpensive, fast, and effective way to find cases, while also offering a place to post cases as a service to your current clients.

You work in a Plaintiff’s Firm
Because you’re firm has a relatively high volume of cases and clients, you’re often incredibly busy. LawRex can benefit to you in two ways: When your firm is to swamped, posting referrals on LawRex will maintain your firm’s image as a resource in the eyes of your client. On the other hand, because your legal expertise is in such high demand, it will be easy for you to find referrals when desired.

You’re an Associate in a Mid-Sized to Large Firm
You know that you provide quality work and your successes benefit your entire firm, but sometimes it’s hard to stand out in the sea of associates around you. The LawRex community is organized so that browsing referrals is convenient and the referrals you access fit your firm’s interests and capabilities. LawRex is the most effective and inexpensive way to separate yourself from the pack by bringing new clients to your firm.

You work in Specialty Firms
You work inside of a very specific practice area and are very good at what you do. Clients who recognize your attention to detail and outstanding work often come to you with cases outside of your specialty. Use LawRex to find freelance help when you need it or co-counsel if you want it. Quality legal cases should never be wasted: LawRex offers a way to use these referrals to your benefit. On the other hand, when your schedule isn’t full, you appreciate that LawRex allows an inexpensive - if not free - way to browse cases that fit your area of expertise.

You work at a Clinic or a Non-Profit
The demand for Pro-Bono services is high - especially in this economy. You provide the best services possible, but the need is overwhelming. LawRex offers incentives for members to take featured Pro-Bono cases, with an especially valuable form of Karma Points in order to encourage members to help. LawRex can also help you to outsource cases so that clients get the help they need. (Contact us if you have a case you would like LawRex to feature.)

You’re a Part-Time Attorney
Whether you’re working from home, a new mother or father, a contractor, temporarily out of work, or just looking for a way to pass extra time, LawRex is the perfect tool for part-time attorneys looking to acquire clients here and there or looking for freelance work with other attorneys. Best of all, LawRex never punishes members for low activity, so you only Petition for cases when you want them. Further, LawRex is a great forum to place extra cases or leads from old clients and colleagues who continue to rely on you as a resource.

You’re an Internationally based Attorney
Your practice isn’t simply in another state, but in another country. You’re client needs help in a country with laws completely unfamiliar to you and you haven’t the first idea where to begin. Start with LawRex! Refer the case to a qualified attorney in the appropriate country, find competent co-counsel or hire a freelancer to do some research to better prepare you and your client.

You’re at a Cocktail Party
You know the scene: an acquaintance approaches you at a social event with a potential case. He or she assumes that since you’re a lawyer, you’ll be able to easily resolve the issue - regardless of whether it falls in your practice area, jurisdiction, etc. These tricky situations are now a breeze with LawRex. You can quickly upload contact information and details from your smartphone with LawRex’s mobile application or use LawRex’s Easy Email application and have the potential client send you the necessary information. With LawRex you can earn Karma Points while being a helpful resource - and get back to the party faster.

You’re a Prepaid Legal Service
For prepaid legal services, LawRex is a no-brainer. LawRex is the perfect place for you to find a broad range of capable attorneys to handle your caseload. Lay out your specific stipulations and complete negotiations directly within the LawRex system.

You’re a Bar Association
For bar associations, LawRex is not a competitor, but a partner. Supplement your current referral operations with LawRex, relying on our system to match referrals you cannot match. Boost your convergence rate and offer your members a more reliable service by partnering with LawRex.

You’re a Consumer Matching Site
Consumer matching sites and LawRex have great potential to work hand-in-hand. Since your sites are consumer-based and LawRex is strictly lawyer-to-lawyer, there is no direct competition in place. Instead, you can rely on LawRex as an additional resource, using lawyers to post referrals that are difficult to match. Boost your convergence rate and your reputation among clients by providing a more thorough and reliable service with LawRex.
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